What's New at the NGVB

November 2017

The NGVB continues to provide services to a large number of investigators moving the gene therapy forward.

The NGVB with the assistance of a cancer immunotherapy investigators have published a study of replication competent virus testing in over 400 T cell products intended for infusion into cancer patients. There was no evidence of virus suggesting the testing performed on the vector should be sufficient to exclude contamination with recombinant viruses. This work calls into question the current FDA requirement for testing T cell products and suggests this costly requirement should be discontinued. The full paper is available here.

The NGVB has recently released SeqMap3, an updated version of our insertion site analysis tool. Click here to check it out.

Our Pharm-Tox Database has hit 50! There are now a total of 50 studies within the database. See a Table of current studies here.

The NGVB Policy and Procedure Manual has been updated to specify that Small Businesses (i.e. those eligible to apply for Small Business Grants from the NIH) are also eligible to receive NGVB support.

NGVB is dedicated to facilitating clinical gene therapy, please contact us for any questions or suggestions on additional services that we could provide.