Report Summary

Dose Response of H5.001RSVTK in C57BL/6 Female Mice after Intraperitoneal Inoculation, with Ganciclovir on Days 2 to 15 Delivered Intraperitoneally (Ovarian Cancer Project)

Study Summary

Overall Study Design 
The human clinical trial is intended to study ovarian cancer initially by a single inoculation of the adenoviral vector 
H5001RSVTK followed by multi-day ganciclovir treatment To model this intended treatment program for this toxicology 
study C57BL6 mice were inoculated with varying doses of the vector delivered intraperitoneally following by daily 
inoculations of ganciclovir 
This study was conducted for the purpose of studying the general toxicity associated with three log increment doses 1 x 
10e9 - 1 x 10e11 particlesmouse of the adenoviral vector H5001RSVTK delivered intraperitoneally into C57B16 female 
mice Following a single innoculation of this vector the mice were given 14 daily intraperitoneal injections of ganciclovir 
GCV Animals were sacrificed on days 415 and 47 a partial necropsy was done on days 4 and 15 and a full necropsy was 
done on day 47 There were six treatment groups involved in the study three groups received one of three ascending doses 
of vector followed by GCV administration One group received vehicle and no GCV one group received vehicle and GCV 
and one group received the highest dose of vector but no GCV 

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