Report Summary

Final Preclinical Development of Gene Therapy for Post-operative Atrial Fibrillation

Study Summary

Overall Study Design 
This study was performed to confirm that the adenovirus vector encoding the KCNH2-G628S transgene 
AdKCNH2G628S in 20 poloxamer F127 without trypsin is able to prevent atrial fibrillation in the porcine 
model of burst pacing atrial fibrillation 
In a combined procedure on Study Day SD 0 animals were subjected to an invasive electrophysiology study 
and atrial painting with saline 20 poloxamersaline AdKCNH2-G628S in 20 poloxamersaline or Adgal in 
20 poloxamersaline followed by implantation of a pacemaker Burst pacing was initiated at the end of the 
surgical procedure A subset of animals was euthanized on SD 4 and the remaining animals were euthanized 
on SD 28 or when identified to be moribund For the animals that were scheduled for euthanasia on SD 28 
the pacemaker was deactivated on SD 14 Prior to each scheduled euthanasia the invasive electrophysiology 
study was repeated The animals were then immediately euthanized and necropsies with tissue collections 
were performed 
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