Report Summary

A 90-Day Toxicology and Biodistribution Study of Viral Test Article NC3 Administered Intracranially in BALB/c Mice

Study Summary

Overall Study Design 
The objective of this study was to evaluate the toxicity and biodistribution of recombinant viral test article NC3 following 
intracranial IC injection in BALBc mice 
Seven groups of 48 BALBc mice 24 male 24 female each were dosed IC on Day 0 with control article PBSor test article 
at 10e5 10e6 or 10e7 PFU of NC3 per animal Control groups were additionally dosed with the antiviral compound 
ganciclovir or were instead dosed at the high dose of NC3 via the intravenous IVroute For each group eight mice per sex 
per day were sacrificed on Days 3 28 and 90 and assessed by necropsy hematology serum chemistry histopathology 
tissue and blood samples were submitted for assay of viral biodistirbution by qPCR 

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