Clinical Testing Services

The NGVB provides a number of tests to assist eligible investigators with meeting FDA requirements for clinical gene therapy. If you know which type of testing service you'd like to request:

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Replication Competent Virus Testing

The NGVB provides cell based assays for screening vector products, transduced cell products, and post-trial monitoring for replication competent viruses.

PCR Testing

Quantitative PCR assays for vector and viral detection are available, including testing for the VSV-G, GALV, and RD114 envelope DNA.

Clonal Analysis

The NGVB may be able to assist in insertion site analysis for gene therapy patients.

PERT Assay

PERT assays for detection of reverse transcriptase is available.


The p24 ELISA assay facilitates estimation of lentiviral particle number.


For investigators conducting gene therapy research who requires FDA mandated testing, the NGVB has a number of other tests available at reduced rates.

For questions please contact the NGVB Biorepository Manager:

Lorraine Matheson
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