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Reagent Information
Name HEK293T 
Reagent Type Cell Line 
Cell Line Origin Human Embryonic Kidney Cells 
Short Description Used for transient transfection of plasmids, including production of lentiviral and retroviral vectors. 
Long Description HEK293T cells are a human cell line that can be transfected with plasmid DNA at high efficiency. The cell line was derived from the HEK293 cell line by the addition of the SV40 large T antigen that has been shown to increase vector production of some viral vectors. It is commonly used for production of retroviral, lentiviral and other viral vectors using the transient transfection method. 
Vector Map  
Grade Suitable for use on Phase I Clinical Trials 
Depositor Cells were originally obtained from the ATCC 
Biosafety This cell line has screened negative for viral and other contaminants. It is the policy of Indiana University to maintain cells of human origin under BL2 conditions but the level of containment required of any cell line or vector is at the discretion of the investigator's Institutional Biosafety Committee that may require a different level of containment. 
Comments As only a limited number of certified vials are available, the material will be distributed only to those investigators conducting federally funded development of clinical trial material. Grant number and specific aims should be provided to the Coordinating Center with cell line request. Individuals seeking this line for research purposes should obtain the cells through the ATCC ( 
Storage Liquid Nitrogen 
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