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Reagent Information
Name EcoPhoenix 
Reagent Type Cell Line 
Cell Line Origin HEK293T 
Short Description  
Long Description EcoPhoenix is a vector packaging cell line containing the retroviral gag/pol genes. The vector particles are pseudotyped with the murine ecotropic virus envelope glycoprotein. Insertion of a retroviral vector construct will lead to vector production, either through transient transfection methods or through establishing a stable cell line. 
Vector Map  
Grade Suitable for use in Phase I Clinical Trials 
Depositor The EcoPhoenix cell line was created at Stanford Unversity in the laboratory of Dr. Garry Nolan. 
Biosafety This cell line could theoretically develop recombinations leading to the development of replication competent retroviruses, although it has failed to do so in extensive testing and clinical scale productions. The Indiana Unversity Vector Production Facility works with this line under BL-2 containment but the level of containment required of any cell line or vector is at the discretion of the investigator's Institutional Biosafety Committee that may require a different level of containment. 
Comments As only a limited number of certified vials are available, the material will be distributed only to those investigators conducting federally funded development of clinical trial material.Grant number and specific aims should be provided to the Coordinating Center with cell line request. Individuals seeking this line for research purposes should obtain the cells through ATCC (