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Reagent Information
Name Adenovirus Reference Standard 
Reagent Type Vector 
Cell Line Origin Human embryonic kidney cells 
Short Description  
Long Description HEK293 cells were used in the manufacture of the Adenovirus Reference Material (ARM). The original source for the ARM is a plaque isolate from a serially plaqued sample of Adenovirus, Type 5 wild type (VR-5, ATCC). Plaque purification was performed on certified A549 cells (ATCC CCL-185). The plaque isolate was minimally amplified and found to be sterile, as well as free of mycoplasma and adeno-associated virus. The amplified plaque isolate was used to manufacture a Virus Bank. The adenovirus was cultured on microcarriers seeded with HEK 293 cells form a certified Working Cell Bank. The Virus Bank was certified (VR-1517) was certified to be free of adventitious agents, and was used to produce the Adenovirus Reference Material. The ARM was produced by culturing on HEK 293 cells from the Working Cell Bank in Cell Cubes and purified using a single-column chromatography process, an anion exchange resin. The manufacture of the ARM and of the Virus Bank was performed under cGMP with full documentation. Recommended Use of the ARM. In the U.S., FDA-CBER has requested that sponsors use the Adenovirus Reference Material (ARM) to establish the infectious titer and particle concentration of a laboratory's internal adenovirus reference preparation, and, then, to subsequently validate sponsor particle concentration and infectious titer assays so that units reported for adenovirus product correspond in meaning to the ARM. Recommended Host Cells: The ARM was prepared using a working cell bank of HEK 293 cells reserved for this project. It is not recommended that laboratories use the ARM to produce adenovirus. 
Vector Map  
Grade Research 
Depositor Cell Genesys. Material obtained from the ATCC 
Biosafety This Adenovirus Reference Material (ARM) and wild type Ad 5 vector and cell line should be handled under BL2. Handle as a potentially biohazardous material. Appropriate safety procedures should always be used with this material. 
Comments The ARM was developed under the guidance of the Adenovirus Reference Material Working Group (ARMWG) and the U.S. FDA through the donation of services and supplies by a large number of laboratories and organizations from the Univted States, Canada, France, the Netherlands, Germany, and the United Kingdom. All information regarding the development and characteristics of the ARM can be found on The Williamgburg BioProcessing Foundation&#39;s website <a href=""></a> A written information sheet ( &copy;ATCC, 2008) describing the material can be obtained from the NGVB. 
Storage -80 degrees C 
Availability Adenovirus Reference Material (ARM) 8 vials Wild type Adenovirus Type 5 - 71 vials. Concentration 1 x 10 12 vp/mL