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Name Ad-mCMV-Teton 
Reagent Type Vector 
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Short Description  
Long Description This replication-defective, first generation adenoviral vector is based on human adenovirus serotype 5, with deletions in its E1a and E3 viral encoding regions. This vector encodes the transgenes for mutant tetracycline-dependent transactivator (rtTA2SM 2 ) and transcriptional silencer carrying plasmid tTSKid under the control of the murine cytomegalovirus (mCMV) promoter. The rtTA2SM 2 and tTSKid are separated by an IRES sequence. The rtTA2SM 2 -IRES-tTSKid expression cassette was excised from the plasmid pMTIKA (Addgene plasmid 22061) and subcloned into the first generation adenoviral shuttle plasmid E1sp1a to make the plasmid E1sp1a-rtTA2SM 2-IRES-tTSKid. The adenoviral vector genome plasmid pJM17 (Microbix) and E1sp1a-rtTA2SM 2-IRES-tTSKid were co-transfected in 293 cells (Microbix) and the adenoviral vector Ad-mCMV-TetOn was rescued by homologous recombination. Ad-mCMV-TetOn underwent three successive rounds of plaque purification and then amplified on 293 cells. Ad-mCMV-TetOn was purified from the 293 cell lysate by cesium chloride purification followed by three rounds of dialysis in 10mM Tris, ph 8.0.  
Vector Map Ad-mCMV-TetOn.doc
Grade Research 
Depositor Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA  
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Biosafety The Indiana University Vector Production Facility works with this line under BL-2 containment but the level of containment required of any cell line or vector is at the discretion of the investigator's Institutional Biosafety Committee that may require a different level of containment