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Reagent Information
Name NIH3T3/Neo 
Reagent Type Cell Line 
Cell Line Origin Murine NIH3T3 cells 
Short Description 3T3/neo(MSCV)hgp91 
Long Description The NIH3T3/Neo cell line is a murine cell line that contains the MSCV-Neo retroviral vector expressing the gene for neomycin resistance promoted by pgk. It also expresses the human gp 91 -Phox gene. The line is NOT a vector producer cell line but can be used as a positive cell line for assays using drug selection for neomycin resistance (ex. G418/Geneticin). It can also be used in marker rescue assays for replication competent retroviruses. 
Vector Map  
Grade Research 
Depositor The NIH3T3/Neo were created in the Indiana University Vector Production Facility 
References Reeves, L., Duffy, L., Koop, S., Fyffe, J., Cornetta K. Detection of ecotropic replication-competent retroviruses: Comparison of S+L- and marker rescue assays. Human Gene Therapy 13:1783-1790, 2002. 
Biosafety This cell line has been shown to be free of replication competent retroviruses and is of murine origin and may be suitable for work at BL-1, the level of containment required of any cell line or vector is at the dciscretion of the institutional biosafety committee that mah require a different level of containment. 
Comments None. 
Storage -80 degrees C.