Reagent Repository

Reagents in the reagent repository are free to eligible investigators.

Anyone can view the available reagents, but investigators must be registered and signed into the NGVB website to place an order. There is no cost for registration. Register online, sign in, and order the reagent that can assist your research.

If you know the type of reagent you are looking for, hit the respective button below to view a list of reagents. You can also hit the reagents button at the top of this page for a comprehensive list, or to search by keyword. You can view orders placed by hitting the cart button. Hit checkout to finalize your order.


The NGVB hosts an array of plasmid vectors for generating of AAV vectors, including transgene, packaging and serotype specific plasmids.

Lentiviral Vectors

The NGVB Repository contains a number of cell lines used in vector production with a select number of plasmid vectors.

Retroviral vectors

Cell lines utilized in retroviral vector production are available. A limited number of vector supernatant are also available to NGVB investigators.


Click this box for a full list of plasmids stored in the NGVB.

Cell Line

The NGVB has a number of certified and research grade cell lines used in gene therapy applications.


The NGVB contains a number of adenoviral vector supernatants along with the adenoviral reference standard (purified hexon protein).

A Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) is required between the donating and accepting institutions, and must be completed prior to shipment. When an order is placed, the NGVB will provide draft MTAs and contact information with the donating institution to facilitate completion of these documents.

The investigator is required to pay shipping costs. The easiest method is to provide a FedEx account number which can be provided when registering for the NGVB.

As of August 1st, 2012 the NGVB is unable to ship cell lines internationally. For questions please contact the NGVB Manager:

NGVB Manager
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