GLP Pharm/Tox Archive
Archive Request Form

Application Process for Pharm/Tox Archive Services

  1. The NGVB will maintain samples from any gene therapy related Pharmacology or Toxicology study that has been submitted to the FDA by a U.S. academic investigator that require storage under Good Laboratory Practices.
  2. Investigators seeking NGVB Archiving Services must:
    1. Send e-mail to the NGVB Biorepository Manager to let her know you plan to request pharm/tox archiving services:

      Lorraine Matheson
      NGVB Biorepository Manager
      Please enable JavaScript in your browser to see the e-mail address.

    2. Obtain a log-in and password to the NGVB (NGVB Account Registration)
    3. Log-in to the NGVB.
    4. Complete the Online Pharm Tox Archive Request Form.
  3. Requests will be evaluated to insure the investigator is eligible to receive NGVB resources.
  4. Eligible Investigators will be contacted within 3 working days to arrange sample submission. A manifest will need to be provided to the NGVB via email prior to shipment. This must be completed and returned to the Biorepository Manager before samples can be shipped to the NGVB.
  5. The Coordinating Center will contact you within 3 days to arrange shipment and storage.
  6. Questions or problems? Please call Lorraine Matheson at 317-274-4519, or e-mail her at: Please enable JavaScript in your browser to see the e-mail address. .